Slovak star Martin Vaculik insists he has no plans to add to his schedule as he focuses on the FIM Speedway Grand Prix series and Poland’s PGE Ekstraliga.

The Gorzow rider was one of a number of SpeedwayGP riders who dropped out of racing in nations like Sweden and the UK to focus exclusively on the World Championship and the world’s biggest speedway league.

But last year saw Great Britain racer Tai Woffinden and Swedish star Freddie Lindgren head back to Sweden in search of more matches, while Denmark’s Leon Madsen returned to his home league with Brovst. Aussie SpeedwayGP stars Jason Doyle and Max Fricke are both back in the UK this season – a move which will expand their fixture lists.

But Vaculik remains happy with the number of matches on his calendar and plans to continue with just Gorzow’s fixtures alongside his SpeedwayGP dates.

He said: “Right now, I am only racing in Poland with Gorzow and in the Grand Prix. This has been working pretty well for me. I have done it like this since 2019.”

Asked if he would reconsider if he felt he was short of racing opportunities, he replied: “If I need it, but right now I don’t have this feeling.”

The Zarnovica-born ace teams up with the likes of double world champion Bartosz Zmarzlik and Danish champion Anders Thomsen at Gorzow, with former Polish champion Szymon Wozniak and Denmark’s Patrick Hansen completing a stellar top five.

Gorzow won PGE Ekstraliga silver in 2020 and bronze last year, and Vaculik admits racing with his mates makes all the difference.

He said: “For sure, there’s a very good atmosphere at Gorzow. It’s a very good team spirit there and we are a group of friends there. We work like one family together and this is very good. When you go to work, you don’t feel like you are going to work here. You are going to meet your friends and have a great time together.

“This means that when we meet together in the pits or at the club, we are very good friends and that’s why everything works so well.”

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