Former world champion Jason Doyle admits there’s no place like home as he returns to his UK base for 2022.

The Aussie lives near Norwich with wife Emily and Britain is very much the Ipswich rider’s home these days.

Doyle has spent the past two seasons living near Polish club Leszno as Covid-19 travel restrictions complicated his usual commute from the UK. But the former FIM Australian Speedway GP winner is delighted to be spending more time at his UK residence in 2022 and believes it will have a positive impact on the track.

He said: “I feel like a different person again – I was really angry and not happy before. It’s no disrespect to Poland, but I felt like I couldn’t do another year living in Poland away from my wife and home.

“I really enjoy my home comforts and being away from speedway sometimes. I felt that over the last couple of years, that has played a big part in my results, but also my life.

“It was not fun anymore and I needed to put the fun back into my speedway again. Being back in Britain again and living and racing there changes things a lot. I feel a lot happier in myself and hopefully that will show in my results.”

Doyle has had a mixed start to his season, scoring six points at the Peter Craven Memorial meeting in Manchester on March 21, before racing to a 15-point maximum in the heats at Todd Kurtz’s farewell meeting at Sheffield on March 24. But disaster struck in the final when Doyle crashed out as he battled Speedway GP rider Jack Holder and Brady Kurtz for the win.

Doyle said: “I had a get-off in the final, which I didn’t really need in a testimonial. I broke a rib, but other than that, it feels alright. I always seem to over-ride in places and meetings where I shouldn’t, but this is part and parcel of being a motorbike rider. You always want to win.”

The former Swindon icon admits he was testing equipment in Manchester as he gets ready for the start of the league season in Poland and the UK.

He said: “I was on new engines and it just doesn’t really happen when you are trying to work on the setup. If you want to have good results, you have to use the stuff you know. But when you start the season and you want to progress, you need to start on engines you don’t know and I had a lot of new engines this year. It’s nice to get all the gremlins out of the way.”

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