Swedish star Oliver Berntzon has been handed the chance to secure an FIM Speedway Grand Prix return for 2023.

The 2021 Speedway GP rider has been granted one of national team manager Morgan Andersson’s nominations for the international qualifiers and will line up at Hungarian track Nagyhalasz on June 11.

Last year’s FIM Speedway of Nations starters Jacob Thorssell and Pontus Aspgren will also compete at Slovak circuit Zarnovica on the same date, with Kim Nilsson heading to German venue Abensberg and Tomas H Jonasson racing in Debrecen, Hungary on June 6.

The top three or four riders in each of these rounds will earn a place in the FIM GP Challenge at British track Glasgow on August 20, where the first three riders will secure their places in the 2023 Speedway GP series.

Meanwhile, Berntzon will also head to Nagyhalasz on May 21 to race for a spot in the Speedway European Championship.

Thorssell will do battle in the Debrecen SEC qualifier on May 7, while Aspgren and Filip Hjelmland compete in Stralsund, Germany on April 30. The top riders in these rounds earn a place in the SEC Challenge in Krsko, Slovenia on June 18.

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