Great Britain racer Dan Bewley admits Speedway GP wins in Cardiff and Wroclaw have only made him hungry for victories as he heads into the For Nature Solutions FIM Speedway GP of Poland – Torun on Saturday.

Bewley had raced just one Speedway GP heat before this season and was only drafted into the line-up following the suspension of Russian riders Artem Laguta and Emil Sayfutdinov due to the war.

But he has emerged as one of the world’s top riders this year, culminating in him ending Britain’s 15-year wait for a Cardiff winner at the FIM Speedway GP of Great Britain – Cardiff on August 13. He then followed that up by topping the Betard FIM Wroclaw Speedway GP rostrum on his Polish home track.

Bewley admits those victories have transformed his approach from that of a rider just happy to be racing on the sport’s biggest stage when he started the season.

He said: “It’s cool being there until you win, but once you win, you kind of lose that feeling. You just want to win from then on. There can only be one winner, though, and everyone is pretty good. I will just try and finish on a good note.”

Bewley climbed as high as third place, but he dropped back to fifth after scoring two points at the Kaeser FIM Swedish Speedway GP in Malilla on September 17. He has 93 championship points and could still land SGP bronze if he closes the seven-point gap between him and third-placed Patryk Dudek, who has 100. Fellow British star Robert Lambert is fourth on 97.

Bewley said: “I am a little bit behind, but we will just go and try and have a good one. I have been to Torun a couple of times in the league and it’s pretty good. I look forward to it.”

The Cumbrian’s spot in the 2023 line-up is secure, regardless of whether or not he finishes in the Speedway GP top six on Saturday. This is after he took second place the FIM GP Challenge in Glasgow on August 20.

“My goal for this year was to qualify for next year,” he said. “Putting aside everything that happened with the Russians and the fact I got the chance to race this year, I achieved that through the GP Challenge anyway.

“But this season has been a lot more than we planned for. It has put me in a good position to try and do something next year. I feel good but it’s a long winter. I will come back and see what I can do.”