Slovak star Martin Vaculik says Bjarne Pedersen is already bringing “something I have missed over the years” to his crew as he begins his new role as the rider’s FIM Speedway Grand Prix manager.

The Danish legend officially brings the curtain down on his career with a farewell meeting at Poole tonight (Wednesday), as the SGB Championship double-winning Pirates take on 2021 SGB Premiership winners Peterborough.

Away from organising his final event, Pedersen has started his new role in the sport, joining Vaculik in Gorzow for Monday’s first-ever Speedway GP Media Day.

Vaculik previously raced with the two-time FIM Speedway World Cup winner at Polish club Tarnow and was inspired by Pedersen’s professionalism as a rider.

He says the former Holsted star is already making his mark in the pits as their new working relationship flourishes. He said: “He is learning how our team works. We are building on our good relationship, but I can already see results from this.

“Bjarne is a man with a big bag of experience and the way he helps me set my bike up is sometimes different to my view of the situation. He can bring a different opinion and a different setup. I never expected that this could work so well and I really believe this is something I have missed over the years.

“As I know Bjarne longer and longer and better and better, I see Bjarne’s characteristics are very similar to mine. It’s good to have someone next to you who is of a similar mode to you.”

Vaculik hopes fans will turn out in force and support Pedersen as he celebrates his UK career at Poole.

He said: “I really, really respect him for his long career. We know how good a rider Bjarne was. He is a legend of this sport.

“I think everybody on and off the track knows him as a very nice person. I am really very happy that he can be with me this season.

“For his meeting at Poole, I can only ask a lot of people to go there and say hello to him. I think he will really enjoy it and also fans of speedway will really enjoy this night. I think all the people who go there can say thank you for his whole career and what he gave fans. It will be a good opportunity to see him and support him.”

Photo: Taylor Lanning

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