Danish champion Anders Thomsen insists he will be fit to start his league season after confirming he only suffered ligament damage to his left hand in Gorzow’s sparring match with Wroclaw on Wednesday.

Thomsen clashed with visiting reserve Bartlomiej Kowalski in heat nine at the Edward Jancarz Stadium and underwent X-rays after taking no further part in the meeting as a precaution.

These showed no broken bones, but a scan in his native Denmark showed some ligament damage and Thomsen is now receiving treatment to reduce the swelling on his clutch hand.

The FIM Speedway Grand Prix star expects to be fit for Gorzow’s PGE Ekstraliga opener at home to Lublin next Friday, and he is relieved the damage was not more severe.

He said: “It’s not broken, so I am pretty happy with that. I went for X-rays yesterday and drove back home to Denmark through the night. I had a scan today and I have some small damage to the ligaments in my hand.

“In 2016, I broke this hand pretty badly and there is a lot of metal in it. When you have some metal in the hand and you crash again, it always worse, and the problem is the swelling.

“I should have raced in a test match today, but luckily this was called off. I had decided not to race in this anyway and I am taking a small break so that the hand can get better as soon as possible. I will be back on the bike next week. The only problem is the hand is really swollen and doesn’t have too much power in it yet. But it will be alright.”

Thomsen also suffered some problems with the hand during the 2021 season. He recalled: “I also damaged it last year at the Grand Prix rounds in Prague.

“I had some problems with the fingers there. You may remember I flipped the bike at the start line in one race because I didn’t have any power in the hand. I couldn’t feel the clutch and I didn’t have the strength to hold it. I had never flipped the bike at the start in my life before that!

“But Team Denmark is taking care of the hand now and they have done some treatment on it – nothing really special; just some laser treatment. Then I have to cool it down for 15 minutes every hour to get the swelling down.”

Thomsen says his injuries won’t stop him taking to the shale for both his clubs next week. He said: “I will be back on a bike on April 6 with my Danish team – we have our press and practice day at Vojens.

“Then I will drive straight to Poland and have practice on April 7 and we start the league the day after.”

While Thomsen was glad of the chance to warm up for the new season, he was far from happy with Kowalski’s role in the crash.

He said: “Test matches are always good to see where you are, but there are some juniors in there and they think it is a Grand Prix.

“I was a little bit angry yesterday because it was just a practice. We are testing a lot of things and somebody thought it was a World Championship and couldn’t handle the bike. That’s why I had a crash – one of the juniors on the other team went straight inside of me and I went straight to the fence.”

Thomsen is confident he has plenty of time to prepare for the FIM Speedway GP of Croatia – Gorican on April 30 as Speedway GP enters a new era with Discovery Sports Events.

He joined his rivals in Gorzow on Monday to take part in the first-ever Speedway GP Media Day, which saw riders interviewed by the media and take part in photo and video shoots on and off the track.

Thomsen enjoyed being part of the action as round one of the 2022 series edges ever closer. He said: “I had a lovely day together with everyone from the Grand Prix in Gorzow.

“It was nice to see the faces of all the people who will be involved and I am really excited to get that started. It seems to be really professional and that’s good for the sport.”

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