The full SGP2 line-up has been revealed as 15 riders go for world-title glory over three rounds in the revamped FIM Speedway Under-21 World Championship series.

As part of its 10-year vision for FIM Speedway, new global promoter Discovery Sports Events has taken the sport’s junior championships under its umbrella, with SGP2 events for under-21 riders and SGP3 for under-16s staged on the same weekend as FIM Speedway Grand Prix rounds – putting the sport’s brightest young stars on the same stage as the world’s best riders.

The opening round of SGP2 takes place at Prague’s Marketa Stadium on Friday, May 27 – the night before the FIM Speedway GP of Czech Republic. Round two is the FIM SGP2 of Great Britain, which will be staged at Cardiff’s iconic Principality Stadium on Sunday, August 14 – the day after the FIM Speedway GP of Great Britain.

The series then concludes with the FIM SGP2 of Poland at Torun’s Marian Rose Motoarena on September 30 – the night before the FIM Speedway GP of Poland – Torun.

The 15-rider SGP2 line-up for 2022 features under-21s from Poland (5), Czech Republic (3), Denmark (3), Sweden (2), Latvia (1) and Finland (1).

Twelve riders booked their places in SGP2 at the qualifying rounds staged across Europe last Saturday.

Jan Kvech (Czech Republic), Casper Henriksson (Sweden), Jakub Miskowiak (Poland) and Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland) all made it through the event at Swedish track Gislaved.

Kevin Juhl Pedersen (Denmark), Daniel Klima (Czech Republic), Mateusz Cierniak (Poland) and Wiktor Lampart (Poland) all qualified from the round at Latvian venue Daugavpils.

And Francis Gusts (Latvia), Mateusz Swidnicki (Poland), Jonas Knudsen (Denmark) and Petr Chlupac (Czech Republic) all booked their places at former Slovenian SGP venue Krsko.

The series line up is completed by three permanent wild cards – Timi Salonen (Finland), Benjamin Basso (Denmark) and Gustav Grahn (Sweden).

Great Britain racer Tom Brennan heads the list of SGP2 substitute riders and he is joined by Keynan Rew (Australia), Norick Blodorn (Germany), Ernest Matjusonoks (Latvia) and Carlos Eber Ampugnani (Argentina).



196 Kevin Juhl Pedersen (Denmark)

2 Francis Gusts (Latvia)

201 Jan Kvěch (Czech Republic)

717 Daniel Klíma (Czech Republic)

43 Casper Henriksson (Sweden)

108 Mateusz Swidnicki (Poland)

842 Mateusz Cierniak (Poland)

515 Jakub Miśkowiak (Poland)

408 Jonas Knudsen (Denmark)

47 Wiktor Lampart (Poland)

505 Wiktor Przyjemski (Poland)

44 Petr Chlupac (Czech Republic)

281 Timi Salonen (Finland)

92 Benjamin Basso (Denmark)

118 Gustav Grahn (Sweden)



27 Tom Brennan (Great Britain)

127 Keynan Rew (Australia)

33 Nörick Blödorn (Germany)

38 Ernest Matjusonoks (Latvia)

111 Carlos Eber Ampugnani (Argentina)



Friday, May 27: FIM SGP2 of Czech Republic – Prague

Sunday, August 14: FIM SGP2 of Great Britain – Cardiff

Friday, September 30: FIM SGP2 of Poland – Torun

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